March 9, 2013

Wondering! at Grassland Elementary School

Thank You 
Grassland Elementary Students!

It was my pleasure to meet fourth and fifth graders at Grassland Elementary School in Brentwood, Tennessee, last month to talk with them about Isaac Newton & Physics for Kids: His Life & Times

The students were full of questions after my presentation, and a group of fourth grade boys was especially intrigued with my shot of Newton's death mask One student asked about plaster, and now I have a better explanation: Plaster is a paste that is used to coat walls and ceilings -- and to make molds for sculptors and crafters.

Newton was dead when his mask was cast, but people in the 1700s also had life masks.  A French sculptor made a plaster life mask of George Washington before he sculpted a statue of our first president. 

In her book George Washington for Kids: His Life & Times, my co-blogger Brandon Marie Miller developed a mask-making activity.
You too can “Create a Plaster Life Mask."   

Thank you, Brandon, for sharing this wonderful activity with me for today's post. Brandon’s nephew Luke was a very patient model! 

    OK, Grassland Fourth Graders -- HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!


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  1. Kerrie, we very much enjoyed your visit at Grassland. Thank you for sharing your books with our fourth and fifth graders!