November 2, 2013

It's Time to Clock In!

I’m getting ready to turn our clocks back this weekend to Eastern Standard Time. Which got me thinking about timekeeping in general, so I went hunting for a clock activity to share.  And I found one -- from Isaac Newton & Physics for Kids.
           Mechanical clocks began to appear in the mid-1600s when Newton was a boy. But across England, time wasn’t standardized at all until the 1800s, when railroads had to run according to schedules.  Until then, most folks simply used the sun’s position to guess the time of day, though a few had hourglasses on hand when they needed to measure time in shorter bits.
           If you’d like to read more about Daylight Savings Time, check out this cool explanation at the online interactive museum Web Exhibits:

From Isaac Newton & Physics for Kids, "Water Clock or Candle Clock?"

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  1. Great clock activities! Kids don't always have a good understanding of time. Making these "non-digital" clocks could really help with that.