February 3, 2018

Chinese or Not, Newton's Laws Rule!

My very first book is for sale in Taiwan! Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids now appears in traditional Chinese.

Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids (Chicago Review Press, 2009), now appears in English, Croatian, Japanese, and traditional Chinese—with plans for publication in China.

Newton wrote science’s most important book, the Principia, to roll out twenty years of thought about the universe. He established three laws of motion, steppingstones to the biggest idea in the Principia: the Law of Universal Gravitation.
When Isaac Newton looked at the night sky, he grasped that earth, moon, planets, and stars all moved according to the same formula.  Isaac Newton “got it”—“it” being gravity. In the Principia, Newton did the math to prove how gravity works.

As I thumbed through, I checked the activities I wrote to accompany the text ten years ago, including three that demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion. Even in Chinese, nothing has changed, just as gravity still holds me in my writing chair and the moon hasn’t crashed into earth. J

As they’d say in Taiwan, “Wo hun gowshing geo neemun goongshiahng Heiden goongkuh.”  (“I’m pleased to share this lesson with you.”)  From Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids: His Life and Times....

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