September 30, 2019


My new book, MUMMIES EXPOSED!, debuted in May. Spring hardly seems like the season for talking mummies, but as I say in the book, “there’s always something new to learn about something old.” So why not dig into mummy study all the year around?”

Mummies! takes an in-depth look at human bodies that were preserved either with intent or by Mother Nature. I tell their stories of discovery—and, thanks in part to STEM research—at least a part of the stories of these dead themselves: ten children, women, and men across space and time, explaining why these people (like us) were mummified or how their bodies survived the process of decay. I’m pleased to note that my book garnered four starred reviews!

Old Tollund Man, a Bog Body and my favorite...
To celebrate, here are two activities that you can do for some October mummy-ish fun. The first I’m sharing is from librarian Sarah Bean Thompson, who tweeted these pix from her summer activities with kids. I love this one: take an egg carton, spray paint, junk jewelry, cloth strips, markers and glue, etc. and behold: a before-and-after take on an archaeological discovery!


"Creepy and True Mummies Exposed by @KerrieHollihan
check out the detail and awesome open and close action!"

Next comes a more in-depth activity developed by Brandon Marie Miller for her book George Washington for Kids: creating a “life mask” (in contrast to a death mask) for kids to appreciate the old process of recreating faces in the days before photography and 3-D printing. Click below!

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