December 5, 2019

Games For a Winter Night

by Brandon Marie Miller

December. Darkness arrives early as the days shorten. In the past, people lit candles, lanterns, or oil lamps against the gloom. They sat near their fires. Flames cast light and shadow around the room and reflected back from people's eyes. It was a time to chat, read books, sew, knit, play musical instruments. People also played games-- cards, dice, chess, board games, and word games.

So light a candle, snuggle into a warm sweatshirt, get a cup of cocoa and try your hand at a couple games that Thomas Jefferson's family liked to play. One is a word game, "I Love My Love with an A" and the other is a board game, "The Royal Game of the Goose."

Wishing everyone happy holidays. Be the light in the darkness!

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