August 1, 2021


Welcome this month's guest blogger, Jennifer Swanson!

How many of you are currently watching the Tokyo Olympics? Me! <waves hand wildly> 

I LOVE sports. I should. I grew up with three brothers and a father who love sports. It was natural that I would as well. After all, I spent most of my days playing baseball in the backyard with my brothers, shooting hoops in the driveway, swimming laps in the pool for swim practice, running, hiking, biking, etc. You name it, I’ve played the sport. 

But many of you also know that I LOVE science, too! (Remember, I was the one who started a science club in my garage when I was seven.) So, when an opportunity came to combine the two in a book, I literally jumped at it (after all, the long jump was once one of my events). 😊 

In my The Secret Science of Sports: The Math, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering Behind Every Grand Slam, Triple Axel, and Penalty Kick  (August 2021, Black Dog & Leventhal), my recipe for a great book is -->  STEM + Sports = GREAT FUN!

Hold on. There is one thing you should know. This book is not meant to be read sitting down. I want readers to DO the STEM with the sports. To SEE and EXPERIENCE the science, technology, engineering, and math in every sport. 

TRY OUT these three challenges from the book:

You’ll need: • soccer ball  • balloon

Did you have fun? I hope so! My goal for this book is to have it taken outside, sloshed through mud-filled soccer fields, covered in sports drinks stains from tennis and football players, and yes, even end up with rippled pages from getting wet next to a swimming pool.

It’s also a PERFECT guide to the 2021 Olympics. (Hint: this book even breaks down Simone Biles’ famous flip—it’s on page 159.) 

Have a great summer! Go STEM and SPORTS!

🏀    🏆    🎾

Science Rocks! And so do Jennifer Swanson’s books. She is the award-winning author of over 45 nonfiction books for children. 

You can find Jennifer through her website   

Check out Jennifer's award-winning STEM podcast for Kids

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